Friday, September 16, 2011

Show results

After Kiwie became a Finnish Champion we have been taking it easy, took a bit of a break from dog shows, and mostly just enjoyed our summer. In the meantime Wanda has been growing a lot and I can't believe she's already almost 8 months old!

But here's the results from the couple of shows that we actually went to.

Helsinki Group Show, 17.7.2011
Judge was Hans Lehtinen, Finland
Kiwie was EXC4 in champion class

"The right size. Beautiful as a whole. Muzzle should be a little fuller. Very good body. Stands very well on her legs. Very good balance, although there should be a bit more of everything."
(Translation done by me)

Piccolo Evento, 13.8.2011
This was a very nice unofficial open show event for whippets organized by Anita Sandqvist. 
Judge was Stefano Muzzolini, Italy (Nerejde Whippets)

Kiwie was 3rd in champion class.

© Jutta Parkkonen
Wanda was 2nd in puppy class 5-7 months. 

© Chiara Burelli
Pipsqueak Shhh Butterfly & Wanda, Tylko Ty Whitingly White Cloud
© Chiara Burelli
Vantaa National Show, 3.9.2011
Judge was Harto Stockmari, Finland
Kiwie was BOS!

"Balanced and feminine as a whole with beautiful lines. Correct proportions. Good head and bite. A bit light ears. Good neck. Excellent front and frame. Beautiful, unexaggerated rear, wide thigh. Pleasant behavior. Moves in a balanced way with an easy elastic step from all directions." 
(Translation done by me)

BOB Spellbound Forgetmenot Santana & BOS Silentkaze Endlessentertainment
© Pirjo Muhonen
Best Bitch-1 Kiwie, Silentkaze Endlessentertainment (C.I.B. Best-Looking Brooklyn x Ch Plaudite Rare Antique Love) & Best Bitch-2 Kiwie's half sister Belltown Fate'n Fantasy (C.I.B. Best-Looking Brooklyn x Belltown Diamond Eyes) 
© Jutta Parkkonen
Then again Wanda, Tylko Ty Whitingly White Cloud (PLJ Ch Shamasan Happy New Year x Tylko Ty Viking's Love), was BOB Puppy!

"A well-grown female puppy, with a clear gender characteristics. Correct proportions. Good head, ears and bite. Well developed body. Strongly angulated rear. Pleasant demeanor. Moves typically."
(Translation done by me)

© Sira Tuominen
That's it for now. We have two shows this weekend at Tampere, so more news after that!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Finnish Whippet Club Specialty & Open Show 4-5.6.2011, Kiwie is a Finnish Champion!

So I have finally gotten around to update about our weekend at the Whippet Club Specialty Show. And what a fantastic weekend we had! Kiwie's, Silentkaze Endlessentertainment (Ch Best-Looking Brooklyn x Ch Plaudite Rareantiquelove), result exceeded all my expectations and Wanda, Tylko Ty Whitingly White Cloud (PLJ Ch Shamasan Happy New Year x Tylko Ty Viking's Love), made her show debut in baby puppy class. 

Finnish Whippet Club Specialty Show, 4.6.2011
Kiwie was open class EXC1, Best Bitch-2, BOS-open class, and took qualifying CC to become a Finnish Champion! What a way to finish her title! I couldn't be more proud!
Judge was Christophe Coppel, France

"A very nice, attractive bitch of a perfect size. Very nice head. Very good neck. Very good top- & underline. Very good angulated. Moves very well."

© Anita Sandqvist
© Anita Sandqvist
BB-1 Scheik's English Rose & BB-2 Silentkaze Endlessentertainment

We also took some new pictures of Wanda.

Wanda, Tylko Ty Whitingly White Cloud, 4,5 months.
© Jutta Parkkonen
Wanda on the move!
© Jutta Parkkonen

Finnish Whippet Club Open Show, 5.6.2011
Kiwie was 4th in Champion Class with honors price.
Judge was Editha Newton, Great Britain

"A very balanced example of the breed. She has balanced topline to underline, a lovely depth of chest and infill."

Wanda was 1st (and only one) in baby puppy class. She was such a joy to show. Maybe when she was supposed to move all she did was jump around, but she charmed the judge and the audience with her happy spirit and Wanda just had a lot of fun in the ring!
Judge was Christophe Coppel, France

"A very attractive baby girl with a very nice temperament. Beautiful lines and nice proportions. Very attractive head. Nice body. She has to learn to move correctly in the ring in the future. She will do well!"

Wanda in the ring for the first time
© C'mere
© Jani O.
Wanda on the table for the first time.
© Jani O.
© Jani O.
Wanda having fun!
© Jutta Parkkonen
So it really was a great weekend and it was a lot of fun to meet friends and other whippet people again while having such a great time showing our beloved whippets!

In other news Kiwie also got her official measurement in May which was 45,1 cm. And actually she also got her lure coursing license as well, so if everything goes well she will go to her first lure coursing competition this year.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Show results from May

Here's again some results from the conformation shows we have been with Kiwie, Silentkaze Endlessentertainment (Best-Looking Brooklyn x Plaudite Rareantiquelove).

Tampere International CACIB Show, 8.5.2011
Kiwie got VG in open class.
Judge was Eli-Marie Klepp, Norway

"Elegant bitch. Good head. Could have a better underjaw. Heavy ears. Bit straight in the shoulder & upper arm. OK topline. Enough angulated with good kneebone. Will still mature a lot in the front. Moves unbalanced. Just needs time."

Kiwie second from left.
© Marika Hukari

International Aptus Show, 21.5.2011
Kiwie was EXC4 in open class.
Judge was Ann Ingram, Ireland

"Very feminine elegant bitch, excellent head and expression, excellent neck and shoulder, excellent body and topline. Could be a little longer in the body, well angulated hindquarters. Covers the ground well on the move keeping her nice outline."

Hamina International Dog Show, 22.5.2011
Kiwie was BOS and took CC and Cacib!
Judge was Pirjo Aaltonen

"Kaunis linjainen selvän sukupuolileiman omaava, mittasuhteiltaan tyypillinen narttu. Hyvä päänpituus ja päänlinjat. Hieman kevyt alaleuka. Sopusuhtaisesti kulmautunut. Tyypillinen ylälinja. Hyvä rintakehän syvyys. Hyvä takaa. Liikkuu kevyesti. Hieman epävakaa takaa."

BOS Silentkaze Endlessentertainment & BOB Fanfare's Too Cool To Care
© Anna Mikkonen
Kiwie on the move
© Anna Mikkonen
© Ida Björkqvist

Friday, May 20, 2011

Wanda is growing up!

10 weeks
11 weeks
12 weeks
14 weeks
And this is her today at the age of 4 months!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Some show results

Here's some results from the dog shows we have been to so far this year with Kiwie, Silentkaze Endlessentertainment (Best-Looking Brooklyn x Plaudite Rareantiquelove).

Turku International Show, 23.1.2011
Kiwie was Best Bitch-3 and got her first CC and res-Cacib!
Judge was Rudi Brandt (Frontrunner's), Denmark.

"Pretty bitch of excellent size. Lovely head & expression. Correct bite. Lovely neck & topline. Excellent angulation front and rear. Deep chest. Good spring of ribs. Good front fill. Moves lovely from side. Very promising bitch."

© Kirsi Aalto
Kaarina groupshow, 5.3.2011
Kiwie was EXC1 in intermediate class.
Judge was Henrik Härling (Play A While), Sweden

© Maisa K.
Intermediate bitch class, © Maisa K.
Lahti International Show, 22.4.2011
Kiwie was EXC1 with CCQ in intermediate class.
Judge was Arne Foss, Norway

I have been very happy how this year has been going so far. 
Our next shows with Kiwie are going to be Tampere Int, Aptus Show and Hamina Int in May.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Kiwie 2 years!

Kiwie, Silentkaze Endlessentertainment celebrates today her 2nd birthday! So happy birthday to the Silentkaze E-litter!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

New year, new blog, new dog

A lot has changed and happened in the past few months, so I thought it would be best and easiest to start a new blog and write this one in English instead of Finnish. 

This year has been pretty eventful even though it's only the start of April. In January I moved back to Finland from South Korea. In February I lost my first dog, lagotto romagnolo male Nicke (Mandaraban Duca Diletto), because of lung tumors. He was only 5,5 years old... At the end of March I finally got my second whippet. 

So here she finally is! The newest member of our family all the way from Poland! Whippet bitch "Wanda", Tylko Ty Whitingly White Cloud (PLJ Ch Shamasan Happy New Year x Tylko Ty Viking's Love). 

She arrived to Finland on March 30th, and me and Wanda's co-owner Jutta Parkkonen went to pick her up from the airport. And what a lovely little girl she is! So full of joy and energy, always on the move and not afraid of anything!

Wanda at the airport
Kiwie and Wanda meeting for the first time
Finally at home!